Meet Your Community

In the aim of helping students get to know their STEM community better, WISE has launched a short interview series. Find out about societies’ plans for next year, how they’re coping with COVID and their top tips for starting again in September.

Interviews will be released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.

Meet your Community – BEaMS

This interview allows you to meet your Black, Ethnic and Minority Scientists Society (BEaMS)! Ellie chats to Foday, BEaM’s president, about who can join the society, what the society aims to do, events, collabs, and so much more. Check it out!

Meet your Community #7

Meet your Community – PsychoSoc

In this interview, Sarah and Devika, PsychoSoc’s president, chat about the society! Hear all about what PsychoSoc has to offer, the events that it runs and as usual, how its coping with COVID. Devika can’t wait to get back onto campus and the society is excited to welcome everyone back as best they can!

Meet your Community #6

Meet your Community – CivSoc

Here, Alice and, vice president of CivSoc, Poppy discuss the challenges that COVID-19 has presented, how they could be overcome and what societies might look like in the next academic year. Check it out and hear all about another STEM society at UoB!

Meet your Community #5

Meet your Community – BioSoc

This interview with BioSoc gives great insight into the society. Eleanor and Sarah chat fondly about its events and discuss ways in which it may adapt to the new normal we now face. Check it out and hear about the society’s plans and the president’s top tips on balancing all aspects of uni life.

Meet your Community #4

Meet your Community – BrumEcoRacing

In this interview, Liam and Verity chat about the society’s amazing environment, fun activities and some great events! Hear about what BrumEcoRacing have been doing over the Summer and how they’re adapting to the new normal – they can’t wait to welcome everyone back in September.

Meet you Community #3

Meet your Community – Women in Medicine

This interview is a great introduction to WoMed, a brand new society heading to the Med School this academic year! Hear from Beth, one of the founders, about the struggles of kickstarting a society during a pandemic and what to expect from them when they’re officially up and running.

Meet your Community #2

Meet your Community – Women in Science and Engineering

This interview focuses on everyone here at WISE – meet your new committee, find out what we’ve been up to and how we’re coping with COVID.

Meet your Community #1 – WISE